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(A little before and) After the recent break up, I've been having the urge to talk and talk and talk and TALK (mainly to certain users). I swear, I'm turning into the living form of spam mail. I don't get what's happened to me, I really don't. I mean, it's common for me to usually message new friends a lot, but I swear, I've at least messaged a certain user almost 4-6 times a day seeing how they were, and I fear that I'm becoming the annoying people I originally TRIED TO AVOID (though I'm nowhere near being THAT bad). I guess it could be because I'm either looking for someone to help me or for someone to vent to. Or something along the lines of that...

I don't know

Either or, I want to say apologies to those whom I've "routinely" messaged for the past 2 weeks. All I can ask for from everyone is to bare with me. I'm destined to tone down after a while, and then we can all live in peace again (well at least you guys).

But also, some of the stuff I discovered today as to why my ex left me has made me more frustrated and down than I ever thought I'd be after the second break up. To sum it up: She broke up with me and immediately went for one of the 15 year old VAs in her Homestuck Group, whom, I might add, lives in the STATES! She wants an internet relationship instead of a simple, real one...

Whelp, that's totally not insulting to me and everything I've done for her...

It's a shame really that I'm this focused on my ex, but really, after half of the crap I've experienced in the past 5 DAYS from this, she's pretty much burnt into my sub-conscious.  Anyways, to finish this up journal up, I just wanna again say sorry to those I've messaged a lot, and to those I tend to cling onto like a toy. All I ask is for your help for now, and I'm sure to get out of this rut soon enough.

That is all. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

[P.S: How'd I forget about this for almost 6 hours?]


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Thanks for the watch :)
Happy Birthday!
Elythespidermare Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see you
Commodor-Richter Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the watch
Thanks for watching :iconfluttershyishappyplz:
Charlie200 Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hey SS. Be sure to post your pics on here and not forget your password this time, k?
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