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Happy Yeast Infection Day by IncoheriantChipmunk
Happy Yeast Infection Day
I was going to post this earlier, but I had to amputate my nose. Thanks Canadian winter.

Well, it's that time of year again; any fag and every fag with GMod finds it necessary to create pictures of their personas kissing or fucking or whatever. It makes single fucks like me appreciate our loneliness just that extra bit more knowing we don't have online partners that'll exploit our relationship by making cringe worthy pictures of our TF2 or Pony personas awkwardly straddling one another. Like, come on guys, either keep that shit on tumblr or spare us the sight. Nobody wants to know about your possibly unethical internet relationship except other like-minded snowflakes. Besides, web action is the only kind of action anybody needs this Valentines Day. 

Have a Happy Valenginas Day you fucking faggots.
My Core Membership expires tomorrow. Rest in shit Chip's dank maymays.

Emo Peter Parker by IncoheriantChipmunk
Cleaned out some of my more cancerous shit because fuck my asshole.

(If I remove something involving someone, just know it's not because of you yourself)
Ss+(2015-12-30+at+08.18.13) by IncoheriantChipmunk

Wow, 2015 was a fucking shit year for everybody, wasn't it? 

Original (36) by IncoheriantChipmunk

I mean, this year consisted primarily of losing several big-named celebrities and a few iconic YouTubers, ISIS-brand demonstrations of plastic explosives and artillery across the world, pedo-life choosing both Jared from Subway and Mr. Huxtable (among many other faggots I've come across this year), pointless dramas prolonged by retarded horse-fuckers and Ninten-dopes, Donny Trump showing up out of east-bumble-fuck nowhere running for President, SJWs taking over the world and many other stupid events I've had to sit through. It kinda makes you wish the world just ate shit and died in 2012, doesn't it?

But hey, who knows what 2016 holds for us. I mean, there's probably a shit ton of things coming in 2016 that could redeem this 365 day shit show called 2015 A.D. After all, there's quite a few super-hero movies coming out like Batman vs. Superman & Deadpool. Not to mention all the up and coming games coming soon; especially that new Batman game being made my Telltale (even if it's just derived on story). So yeah, in terms of media, 2016 shouldn't be too bad.

Even then, I had a lot of memorable moments this year; ranging from two trips to Niagara Falls, to my first ever summer job, to my hellish trip to Crayola Horse-con 2015, to my recent progress towards a high skills major. But in between all of that was nothing more than several months full of stupid shit; some of which was caused by me (I'm not proud of it either). Honestly, the amount of dramas I've sat through just over this past year could make a pretty cool book IMO. But enough about that! I'm going to change the mood a tad by turning into an even bigger faggot and start writing all sappy n' shit in my own "Chip-branded" way.

In other words: Chipmunk is going to write long as paragraphs full of rambles and other shit as he tries to thank people for things. 

Tumblr Lf58xy52dz1qfmnpwo1 500 by IncoheriantChipmunk
Wonderful, I know.

So, before I lose the rest of my readers, here's my year end thoughts/ thanks to the following groups and the people in them:

- The Collaboration/ Lost & Found: After the incident in January, I'm just happy to see The Collab finally gone with little trace to make up for. It was a shit group for the longest time with nothing but issue after issue popping up thanks to Kaveren and his tainted sense of morality. He sure was a faggot alright. But I'm glad to see the L&F at least try to rectify those mistakes by allowing someone they were once told to hate into their presence alongside being more open to different kinds of people. And by golly, it sure seems to be going well from the sounds of it. Don't get me wrong, there are still some people in that group who I can't stand in their horse-fucking entirety (seriously, some of you are too immature and selfish for all the wrong reasons), but there's at least a handful of people in there I can still hold a fair conversation with without any incident of cringing. You all know who you are. I can safely say you guys made it at least a bit more bearable to be in, which I can't help but thank you for in the end. That group is not for me in the slightest, but that doesn't mean everyone in said group is god awful. Some of you are pretty cool. Keep on doing what you're doing guys, and thank you for everything. 

But the one person I have to thank especially is a crazy woman known most commonly as AstroBoyGF. You have been nothing but supportive and caring, and not to mention fun to be around. You were probably the one person in that group (among many other groups you're in) who truly made a bad day a lot better; especially in the worst of times. I honestly don't know where I'd be without your caring "motherly" nature. Thank you so much for putting up with my autismal crap over the past year and a half and being an overall great friend. Sincerely; your "adopted son".

- Rage Central/ Doge Command:
You guys earn my biggest thanks and apologies for a multitude of reasons. When I first met you guys in early January of this year, it was primarily to inform people on Kaveren's latest acts of faggotry. From then on, it turned more into a friendship between me and the many of you, and I couldn't be happier with that. You guys have honestly helped me to better/ mature as a person, and you've made many of my days a lot more exciting, especially with all of the dumb stuff we'd do on GTA 5 or Killing Floor or even just in general. You guys are honestly so much fun to be around, and I feel sorry for myself due to my massive absences from the calls. But I must also apologize to all of you for my behavior earlier on in the year. I know I got on quite a few peoples' nerves because of how annoying/ clueless I could be most of the time, and I frankly don't blame you for the times you've snapped at me or even roasted me. So for that, I'm sorry. But I'm truly happy to call you guys friends. If anything, you guys were more real and honest than half of the other people I've been around for the past 3 years, yet more humorous than anyone I've been around in my whole life. Thanks you guys for everything you've done for me and just being overall great people to be around.

But holy fuck guys, smoke weed.

- The "Skype Call Regulars": Not gonna lie; you guys were weird. But once you look past the dank memes and questionable shit, you guys were probably some of the most chill people to chat/ play with. You guys weren't bothered by anything, which is rare to come by nowadays. Not to mention, you made every game we played an interesting/ hilarious one, which is something I won't be forgetting anytime soon.  You guys were tons of fun and made the middle of 2015 an interesting one, even if I didn't talk much after July. But even if we don't chat much anymore, I still consider you guys to be good pals of mine. So thank you all for making this year and my life just that extra bit more fun.

- Arby's Group: You guys are an odd bunch of fagolas; seriously. But in the end, that's what made you guys a lot of fun being around or even playing with. I know I said before that your group isn't "right for me", but that doesn't mean you guys aren't fun to talk to or to play shit with. Hell, you guys were the ones who told me about what Omega had done a while back when this shit was still relevant. That really helped people see who he truly was in the long run. So thank you guys for both being helpful during that situation and being an overall lovable group of idiots to be with every so often. Never change guys.

Oh, and a special thanks to PapaSteel for being a lovable faggot to talk/ play with. You can get pretty weird at times, but that's what makes you so much fun to be around; especially in the most boring of times. kill urself for me, khe?

- The Feisty Family:
Let's face it, the group is practically dead. Everyone in there is silent and no message has been sent for months. But that doesn't mean I appreciate the group or its members any less because of that. You guys have done so much for me over the past 2 years, as well as making my first and second year of high-school bearable. It seems like ever since Kav left and the incident in March irked quite a few people, the group has been pretty quiet with only a few things said every now and then. I do plan on making it lively again, but right now is just not the time. But still, you guys have supported me and tolerated my retarded outbursts, and I can't say anything other than thank you. I'm glad I don't do it anymore and that I've grown up a lot since then, but I couldn't have done it without your guys' help and compassion. Thank you.

A special thank you goes out to IMShadow007 for putting up with my stupid shit over time. If anything, you probably got the more "annoying" side of it, but I'm still happy to see you as still being my friend after all of that. But I honestly can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for all of it; you didn't deserve a single bit of what you got. But I promise you that I've changed since then and I'm more than ready to make things right with you and several others. Thank you for being an awesome, understanding friend and not throwing my ass to the curb when shit started to stank. It means more than anything. 

Another special thanks goes out to my friend STYDA for being such a supporting figure and an overall great guy. I'm glad I got to meet you in person and follow you around at that cringefest of a con. It made it just that extra bit more special. You have putup with so much of my shit alongside Kitty and you've been almost a fatherly kind of figure to me (as stupid as that may sound) when things got too much for me. You've probably saved me and everyone out more problems than I think you're aware of. I can't wait to see you again dude. Thanks for everything you've done for me.

- The Paperplane Inn:
This group is a mixed bag really. I was happy at first to be apart of such a "big name" group full of old and new friends; being that I've always wanted to be apart of it. The playdates were fun and most of our calls were just us fucking around. Those things I like(d). But recently, it seems like the whole group has just turned into this clusterfuck of one sided individuals who hate on others just because of what they're told or what they've seen. It's either that, or everyone takes the littlest things too seriously.

Anytime a joke is made in the group, the person who made said joke is going to have to get ready in case a bunch of people take it seriously and start attacking them. If anyone says a simple word that triggers some emotional faggot, an entire fight breaks out between people who take it for what it is and people who take it seriously. But most important, whenever a person witha vagina says something, everyone jumps on them like a dirty bitch in heat. It's honestly just become a hassle to even talk to anyone in that group. Thank god there are some fair-minded people in there who are tolerable and know how to take a joke; compared to those who just fuck things up the ass. I want to say I'm enjoying my time there, I really do. We used to have so much fun playing Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor and other shit we could manage. Nowadays, it's just a war on two fronts for certain people against those who don't understand and those who won't understand, and because of that, our New Years has just been fucked over. I thank you guys for helping me in rough times, and I'm glad to have helped a handful of you in your worst of times, but this autistic "social justice" bullshit is going to rot this group from the inside out unless you people learn to fucking man up and quit taking the internet so damn seriously. Fuck.

So yeah, thanks for the good times and stuff, and thanks for making me feel better about myself in a multitude of ways.

- The Three Bros (Charlie200 and FireKniteGen)I honestly have to apologize to these two old friends of mine for not only leaving them in the dark for almost a year, but for changing in more ways than they could ever imagine. I miss all of the stupid shit we'd get into and all of the long nights playing Synergy and L4D2. I've heard from multiple people that you guys have changed in your own respective rights; for both better and worse. I do hope we can one day play some shit with some old friends just like old times. Maybe we can get closer this year and go back to the way things were, I don't know. Still, thank you both for all the good times we've had together. I wish you guys the best in your lives.

Spider-man-3-emo-spider-man-1 by IncoheriantChipmunk

So once again, thank you to all of the groups mentioned for everything they've done for me, and a big thank you to all of my other friends and followers for being so caring and supportive!
(Except you THG, you're still a faggot)

Now, I'm sure a few of you are wondering what I've got in store for this new year and when I'm going to stop making journals and create some actual art for once. Well fret not dear reader, I have a bunch of stuff lined up for this new year compared to last year's minimal content. Here's a general list of what I'm planning on doing in 2016:

> SFM and GMod pictures: Once I learn more about SFM and get Garry's Mod to cooperate with me, I'll besure to test this new PC of mine out and create a variety of pictures. Only thing I need right now is Adobe Photoshop and (possibly) After Effects. Also, the majority isn't going to contain Five Nights at Edgy's or Crayola Horse Generator 2010 content; that will be the massive minority, I promise.

> SFM and GMod videos: If I take up a higher interest in animation again, I might just start getting back into the swing of things; namely shitty Garry's Mod videos like. But shit like the EoD/ Zalgie Pie crap from before is on a grey thin line of being either canned all together or progressively worked on throughout the year. It all depends on if I give a damn within the next year or so about them (probably not). I do promise some original shit though, so no worries there. 

> Timelapses and Tutorials: This is something people have wanted for a long time; especially with the "over-edited" shit you may have seen on this site. Well, once I get a full version of Bandicam or whatever, I will start that shit up again. As for tutorials, I'll consider doing it if enough people ask for a tutorial on how to do "blah". They might not be the best ways to do things, but it's just how I do them or whatever.

> Drawn pictures:
For the longest time, I've wanted to get into drawing pictures and shit on my own time like most of my friends, but due to the fact that my hands can sometimes be more synced than a Bluetooth is with an Android, I've decided against it. But this year, I plan on drawing some pictures and concept art for multiple things. First things first, I need both a drawing tablet thing and Paint Tool SAI, then I'm gonna need some lessons/ practice. And then finally, I can reate something with legitimate talent besides some GMod crap.

> Gaming videos: I have FRAPS, a decent PC, and many games I've bought over the past few months. I might as well put it to good use, so I'm probably going to start recording shit with some friends of mine (Online and IRL) so I can have a physical memory to look back on, or just solo videos just for others enjoyment. The only thing I need for that and several other things is either Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, then I'll be set. So long Windows Movie Maker!

> IRL videos with friends: My friends are almost as fucking stupid as me, but we would still like to do shit together for YouTube (since we all have channels and shit). So we plan on recording videos of us in the flesh for all of our channels just for shits and giggles. Same time, I would also like to record any kind of major event I attend like a convention or meet-up or whatever else I deem as being video-worthy.

So yeah, that's pretty much the gist if it. I hope you all found at least a bit of intriguing shit in this whole ramble-fest of a New Years journal. Here's to another year full of good times and bad... mostly bad. This is your friendly neighborhood Chipmunk saying "Drink bleach, it's healthy for your colon". 

Take care guys, and have a fag-tastic New Year!

Pete dancing gif by IncoheriantChipmunkPete dancing gif by IncoheriantChipmunkPete dancing gif by IncoheriantChipmunk

New Year, New Memes (Happy New Years faggots)
Here's a dopey New Years journal from the supreme faggot himself. Hope you enjoy. 

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