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Disturbia: Reloaded and Restocked by IncoheriantChipmunk
Disturbia: Reloaded and Restocked
This is a picture originally meant for my updates video, but, by request, I'm choosing to upload this to DeviantART. Not only because I've stayed away from the "Elements of Period Blood Stained Ponies" (yes, I'm going to keep calling them that), but because I really like how this turned out. Besides, I love the fog effects I did in the background. Really fits in my opinion.

Anyways, this is just showing off the updated skins for the elements, as well as the revamped models of Zalgie Pie and Shytterguy. Zalgie now has wings, and Shytterguy has 2 parts from the Flutterbat model, which would be the hair and wings. That way, she resembles SCP-096 that much more (since he's basically skin n' bones and pretty filthy/ messy). I also added Mimic and Nequam since they're apart of the story-line. 

This also shows off my original design for the Blood Husks; that way I'm no longer using someone else's work for any kind of "reference". 

Sharry d0ntstopme :c

But moving along, I might as well do the usual "Name and Credit" thing so there's no confusion and such.

Sbe sure to let me know what you think, and, as always, stay frosty ~


Grouped Characters (Left to Right)

[The Pure]:
- Book Shining
- Rainbow_Dash.exe
- Eyeple Jack

[The Affected]:
Mimic the Changeling
- Blood Husk
- Nequam Onus (Delusional State)

[The Corrupt]:
- Smilebabs.mdl
- Diemond Briara
- Suicide Spoon

[The Molded]:

- Janety
- Shytterguy 
- Proxight Sparake

Well Needed Credits

Nequam Onus model, and revamped Zalgie Pie/ Shytterguy created by :iconkaverenthehunter08:
RAINBOW_DASH.exe is originally owned by :iconawesomecasey795:
Mimic the Changeling owned by :iconvictriaofargus:

All Creepypasta mythos are owned by their respective sites and owners
Dance in the Cold (DiScetta Picture) by IncoheriantChipmunk
Dance in the Cold (DiScetta Picture)
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth” ~ William W. Purkey

Well, here it is. The first DiScetta picture uploaded by the OTHER character of the shipping's creator. 

As some of you may have known for a while, me and my buddy :icontishadster: made a few pictures leading up to the announcement of a new collaborative, canon shipping of our characters, which is Fiammetta X DiScout (DiScetta). What first started off as a joke led into a picture, then a discussion, then pictures being sent back and forth, then FINALLY an official announcement. So yeah, this is the most recent DiScetta picture I've created, just to perk up the mood of my gallery. Same time, I was stuck at home all day because of yesterday, so ECH!

Anyways, this is the first time I've used the "Effects Editors" in the Entities tab, and I must say, it looks pretty good. I was also attemptiong to copy the poses of this photo, but I couldn't really show it off due to issues with the cameras. [Here's the reference photo:… ]

So, let me know what you think of the photo, and if you'd like to see more pictures of DiScout and Fiammetta.

Stay frosty my Lovelies ~


Song(s) for this scene:……

Fiammetta - TheInvertedShadow
DiScout - IncoheriantChipmunk

Oh, and if you want to look at the pictures separably, here's a link to both of 'em:

Angle #1: <da:thumb id="3916364767313004">

Angle #2: <da:thumb id="938005161314737">
False Sense of Relief by IncoheriantChipmunk
False Sense of Relief
Just a little picture made to vent the many moods of today, especially after listening to the theme of Requiem for a Dream, a movie about addiction.

This is also a little concept image of an idea I've had for about a week or so; DiScout's method of "escape", which involves a morphine and heroin cocktail, of which he injects into himself so he may sleep better at night, even though it's slowly killing him, despite what Ataxia tells him. It's the only way he can feel happy, even though he's broken on the inside...

So yeah, enjoy, I guess.
Unnatural Predators by IncoheriantChipmunk
Unnatural Predators
"Why won't you warp the Cutie Mark Crusaders into the characters of Five Night At Freddy's?"

Of all things people could have POSSIBLY asked me about the Elements of Disturbia, why the fuck is THIS the most frequent one? 

I have gotten so many questions and requests by many to not only REMOVE Book Shining so Shining Pan could exist in the EoI, but, as you would have guessed, people have been asking me, MANY TIMES, to have the cast of Five Nights At Freddy's possess the Cutie Mark Crusaders so they could join the EoD and "fight against the Cutie Mark Monsters".

So, you want me to waste even more poor effort to re-skin and hex Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and many OTHER fillies, and possess them with animatronics from an overhyped horror game? And you want me to do so because you want this rip-off to copy EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER USED, and have them FIGHT TO THE FUCKING DEATH!?

Have you forgotten that I have not only corrupted 3 Rivals of the Crusaders with Controversial Files, but Five Nights At Freddy's is not of Creepypasta origin. The only thing Creepypasta related about them are theories and retelling of their own interpretations of "The Bite of 87" or "The Fazbear murders"

But yet I digress. The answer is no. I will not remove Book Shining just so Shining Pan could exist., I will not have robots transfer

I'm looking at you Jake-Brithgside...

Well, that is all. I'm going to go to bed before I make an even BIGGER cunt-rag of myself. Good bloody night!

[P.S: My skills in GMod and GiMP are starting to eat dick. Oh joy...]


IncoheriantChipmunk's Profile Picture

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Thanks for the watch i guess?
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Hey Chip,um I thought i'd say a few things. First of all,when I made Shadow Shout,I wasn't even aware about what I have done cause I was a bit of a newby a that time. Also,I think SOLAR_ECLIPSE.EXE's possessing spirit should be Scout.exe instead of Sonic.exe cause when you mentioned I ripped off Rd.exe,I looked and to admit you were right. Also,when I get Sfm,I should alter the EoP's looks so that they wouldn't look too much like the Mane 6 and Derpy. That would be all.
Steel-O-BaSs Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
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ThatguycalledZero Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i un-block you for one reason....

i was wrong, you're right....i have a billion of problems because "my EOI shipping art"
people, more people, and more and more people....
and i never heard you...because one reason:

"i am a fucking boy, who never listen"

and now i know: 

i have the consequences for my actions.....insults, people annoying me, etc...
and now i see the reality..

so, im sorry Chimpunk  for not having heard it before.

so, i really promise, never do "EOI Shipping Artwork" again..
seriously, I always do my promises..
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