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Collin Young
Just your average teenage ranting fagola with too many opinions and not enough listeners. I do Digital Art shit every now and then; most of it 2edgy4reggie. Enjoy your stay, I guess.


Nobody-cares by IncoheriantChipmunk

Nobody fucking cares that you saw some highly distorted music video staring a masked man in a morph suit or a Windows 95 era website about how dogs can interact with dead niggers on the 2000th page of Google. You're not edgy or cool for finding this sketchy-pedo-artsy-Macintosh-homosexual shit, you are and always will be an autistic faggot just like me.  

If I wanted to spend my days searching throughout an infinite number of pages for some "interesting shit", I'd look for the first shit-post ever conceived. Now that's something worth finding. 

Love: Some faggot who sees this gay shit in the suggestions every day.

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  • Eating: Shit
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Ss+(2015-10-19+at+04.07.34) by IncoheriantChipmunk
12039362 903674823047670 8563176607497563550 N by IncoheriantChipmunk                                         
Ss+(2015-10-08+at+03.56.43) by IncoheriantChipmunk

Ss+(2015-10-08+at+06.58.50) by IncoheriantChipmunk
That's how it starts...

Well fagolas, I got my first legit DeviantART violation over a screenshot.
Am I cool yet?

01b by IncoheriantChipmunk

This seems so odd to me. I mean, what could I have possibly posted that would be so terrible; so sinful, that it would result in such a drastic action by the DeviantART team? Well, since I'm nice n' shit, I'll let you guys take a guess as to what it could possibly be. Which screenshot do you think it was?

Go ahead, I can wait.

1129 by IncoheriantChipmunk
Yeah yeah, this joke is over.

So, you ready for this shit?

This was the'd picture that was taken down.

Ss+(2015-09-14+at+03.58.40) by IncoheriantChipmunk

Invasion-of-the-body-snatchers by IncoheriantChipmunk
BodySnatchers78 by IncoheriantChipmunk
Bodysnatchers1993megtillyalienscreamaliens by IncoheriantChipmunk
Body-snatchers-alien-screams-scream-christine-elis by IncoheriantChipmunk
Cr 04009 01 V6 by IncoheriantChipmunk

And just like that, history repeats itself once again. OmegaMario89 and/ or his White Knights managed to false flag another piece of evidence against him and his faggotry, only I'm on the other end of the stick this time. Needless to say, I'm not disappointed.

What was expected to happen has happened and I must say, I have a strange mix of delight and annoyance out of this.

I'm delighted by the fact that Omega has only further proven his sensitivity once again by removing that screencap and that screencap only. It wasn't ToxicHolyGrenade's notes, nor was it the actual journal itself. It was solely Omega's private note he sent to me after the first rant I made on him. 

Talk about it with your kids.

At the same time, I'm quite annoyed by this newly spouted claim simply because this shit was suppose to be over and done with a while ago.

I mean, everybody knows Omega's a fucking faggot at this point; no real shock there. If anything, the only person worth laughing at nowadays is THG.

(I mean, just look at this shit:…)

But this whole issue is, like, 2 weeks old. Everyone's already moved on past this whole issue and I've just begun planning some edgy pictures and shit for October. But after getting this crap, I can't help but shake my head and groan. I mean, there was no specific reasoning behind the removal of my screencap by the DeviantART team; it was an auto-generated message from the site's own account. That could only mean that this was flagged in some way, but not by the head admins behind the website. If it was, it'd probably have an explanation behind it; no matter how dumb the explanation may be. Hell, they could say "You called someone a faggot. That's bad, k?" and it would still make more sense than "This message has been generated automatically".

It could have only been flagged by someone who legitimately hated the picture so much, they saw it as their duty to remove it. It's not heart science, nor is it rocket surgery; it's common sense. The only people who could be responsible have to be either Omega or someone(s) involved with him. There is nothing in that screencap that violates any kind of site policy, yet it claims that it was probably removed due to a "violation of deviantART policy or because its theme or content was judged unacceptable". 

tumblr mrjhkxAFyQ1ssj0hao1 500 by IncoheriantChipmunk

So, thank you OmegaMario and your cancerous fan-base for further tainting any kind of decent rep left in the DeviantART-based GMod community. It's good to know a fragile 26 year old autist with a squid-loli fart fetish somehow obtained enough respect to abuse the terms of service over and over again because he has his Nintendo briefs in a bunch. Really shows the kind of mentality everyone has around here.

1403998389972 by IncoheriantChipmunk1403998389972 by IncoheriantChipmunk1403998389972 by IncoheriantChipmunk1403998389972 by IncoheriantChipmunk

So yeah, that's pretty much all there is to say on the matter. I'm off to go hang myself with some Christmas Lights and pretend I'm Captain Planet. Take care for now guys, and remember:

52083001 by IncoheriantChipmunk

Chip dead

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Should I make more rants in the future alongside my art n' shit, or nah?
22 deviants said Yeah, sure, fine, what the hell.
7 deviants said Ew god no.
5 deviants said Make art you lazy fuck!
2 deviants said Who are you again?
1 deviant said It's a meme you dip.
[Author's note]
Before this begins, I would like to point out that this was originally suppose to go up around Sunday or Monday so everything could be done and over with sooner, but things like school and countless distractions came up, so it was pushed along to the early hours of Thursday; most of the info about THG taking around 3 days to complete. So I'm sorry if this comes off as irrelevant at this point to most of you viewing this, but it was either throw away a promised follow-up I've worked on for a while, or post what I've got a risk being labeled tardy or obsessive or whatever word everyone's using nowadays.

But I can assure you, after this, no more posts about these two fags. This whole thing for me ends here because this shit took me too damn long to the point this issue's almost outdated, but I have other shit I'd like to work on. So, I hope you enjoy this final stupid rant of mine, and I'm sorry about any inconvenience.


Drinkingtunesgif by IncoheriantChipmunk
Well, here we go again.

Well guys, I think I've finally done it. I've finally gotten "the shit" to ruin both OmegaMario89 and ToxicHolyGrenade's reputation for good; and I didn't have to circulate outside of my circle of friends to do it. 

So, once again, for those who have absolutely no idea as to what the fuck's going on, check out the two journals below so you can catch up n' stuff.

Faggotry, thy names are Toxic n' OmegaEvery night in my dreams

I see you

I feel you

Well, would you look at that, another journal on another cringe worthy subject matter. This time, it involves the one and only soldinethecyborg; now known as ToxicHolyGrenade, and OmegaMario89. Now, I'm sure most of you remember THG from the infamous TIShadster incident; where he and fusionguybrony went on a server, harrassed/ embarrassed Shadow, and tried to make him and anyone who agrees with Shadow seem like the bad guy. Oh, the blocks, the arguments, the severe lack of responsibility. Ah, that was one hell of a shit-storm.

Good times...

But that's not why I'm here tonight ladies and gentlemen. This involves something completely different; something that not only bothers me but several others who agree with me 100%. Only reason they haven't come forth to say it is because, well, they're blocked. No
[UPDATE] Omega and THG's Internet Tumor RemovalWell guys, it's been a few days since my most recent rant on good ol' OmegaMario89 and his most loyal White-Knight ToxicHolyGrenade. Ah yes, a simple journal that spoke the honest truth about one of GMod's most cringe worthy animators and his shared obsession with proving how much of a Nazi he (allegedly) isn't. Ah the memories.
For those who aren't aware as to what I'm talking about, check out the gem that started it all:

You're welcome.
Anyways, today, something I honestly didn't ever expect to happen happened. I come home after school today to find a little something different on my journal. 

It seems like our dear pal OmegaMario has finally fled with his tail crushed between his super-sized thighs. Now, I had to be sure if it was in fact deleted and not just some big glitch, so I clicked on the link the original video came from. And what did I find?

In the time following that first journal's post, I've not only been threatened by both Omega and THG, but I've also caused as few people to make their own journals and shit on Omega's many documented antics committed in the last year or so. 

But Saturday...

Hypedwarf by IncoheriantChipmunk

First thing I woke up to was this gem: 

Which was then followed up by this:

Ss+(2015-09-19+at+06.12.54) by IncoheriantChipmunk

014 by IncoheriantChipmunk
I just don't even...

Now, since the train's barreling out of the station at this point, let's go ahead dig into these two beautiful "retaliations" of his first before we continue onto the one you're all here to read about.

Let's start off with the fact that he thinks I'm the asshole here for simply making an "unfair" journal about he and Omega's actions towards Trainstorm and many others. Well, I don't know if you're aware of this Toxic, but I'm not about to drop everything to kiss you and Omega's ass just because you can't handle the truth. That is not at all how I work. I tell people what is wrong and why it is wrong, and I back it up with bold facts and common sense; something most members of this community seem to lack nowadays. Do you know how stupid I'd look if I were to jump to Omega's defense and say "He has every right to make that video! Trainstorm made his persona say "Heil Hitler" in a collab entry"? I'm sure you would since you've already done it multiple fucking times now.

And that's another thing I'd like to point out; your contradictions. For example, you give people shit for making Nazi-related cracks and using Autism as an insult, yet you called me a "self-righteous autism nazi" in your note. So by saying that, you used both Autism and Nazi as an insult towards, even after telling me about how fucking terrible it was to do that. So I guess it's ok to do those kinds of jokes as long as they aren't against you, amirite? You also ask me in your journal about the differences between Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, but then demand that I refrain from answering the question. If you didn't want me to answer your question, why bother asking it? God, it's almost like you want to be seen as a crate full of hippos. 

So because of that, let me explain to you the differences between Autism and Asperger's; seeing as how you claim to know so much about it.

Be warned kids, Chip's about to get smart n' shit.

People with Autism are usually diagnosed at an early age and can be distinguishable from the average child due to their unique actions, diction, motor skills, and intellectual impairment. Being a spectrum with an infinite list of combinations in terms of IQ, social interaction and physical expression, it's pretty difficult to compare them to the likes of someone with an average skill/ level in all 3 of these categories. Now, it is possible for someone with Autism to be low-functioning yet have an extraordinary IQ, but studies have shown that 30-50% of those with Autism have an intellectual impairment, such as mental retardation. So it is clear to see how one with Autism is so much different than the average person.

With Asperger's Syndrome, it's diagnosed at a later age in one's childhood and can't be distinguished as easily as an average case of Autism. For most kids, you're simply seen as a socially awkward kid. That's because you're not only on the high-functioning end of the spectrum and above average intelligence, but you also have some form of social anxiety. But, unlike Autism, Asperger's Syndrome can only be high functioning and nothing more. You can still be a fucking simple minded retard with Asperger's, but at least with that, there's no "executable" excuse behind it. You're just dumb if you're dumb.

So, in conclusion, Autism and Asperger's have many unique traits, but in terms of how "horrible" a disorder is, Autism is worse than Asperger's. Not because it's something you and Omega (obviously) have, but because the negative aspects of the Autism spectrum outweigh those of the Asperger's syndrome. 

602 by IncoheriantChipmunk

But what really caught my eye were the quotes seen below:

"You don't deserve to be Shadow's friend because of your unfair actions"

Original (8) by IncoheriantChipmunk
1413495258659 by IncoheriantChipmunk

Well TIShadster, I guess we can't be friends anymore. Toxic said so.
k bye.

Nwld by IncoheriantChipmunk

Newsflash: I made a journal against you and Omega to expose the truth behind your antics; Shadow's not going to throw me under the bus for saying the very things he and many others have said before. Same time, why shouldn't I be friends with someone who has the same damn thing I have? I have Asperger's too you idiot, but that doesn't mean I'm forbidden from making fun of myself and my friends who have it. And you wanna know something about the latter?

My friends don't fucking care.

If you can't laugh at something you have or something you are, you are going to live a miserable life. Simple. As. That.

"IncoheriantChipmunk, your a rude, egotistical, selfish, and a self-righteous autism nazi"

Nicholas Cage Leaving Las Vegas by IncoheriantChipmunk
Well then.

1. Rude? Well, if being bluntly honest is what's being classified as "rude" nowadays, I must be somewhere on Gordon Ramsay's level or some shit. Sorry for telling you what's wrong with you. Next time, I'll be sure to compliment your almighty greatness at the end of every paragraph I write about you.

((((((((((((((no offense!!1!11!)))))))))))))

2. Last I checked, I'm not the guy who's boasting about how popular he is in every argument he tries to win. I see myself as being someone with a lot of self-esteem and no bullshit about him when he's ranting about others. So when I do this stuff, it's not to impress or even amuse anyone. I do rants because I feel there's a certain issue that many users need to know about. If they like the way the rant was written, that's a bonus!

3. I don't see anything in my rants that makes me come off as selfish. I shouldn't be considerate for someone who shows no consideration themselves for anyone's privacy and personal choices. You've not only invaded Shadow's privacy in a TF2 session by constantly spamming him in a public game, but you throw a fucking bitch fit when T-553412 and DillyDong deny your faggoty DevaintART entry and automatically throw me into the mix as if my rant is why your low quality image didn't get accepted.
xIG3VFF by IncoheriantChipmunk
aMx5EF6 by IncoheriantChipmunk

4. ... the fuck is a "self-righteous autism nazi"?

Even Hitler Thinks Youre Silly by IncoheriantChipmunk

"You should not create rants all because of dramas, you should only create passive ones, and that's it"

Warning-to-avoid-injury-dont-tell-me-how-to-do-my- by IncoheriantChipmunk

Seeing as how sensitive you seem to be, and knowing how shit-tastic your own journals are, you are in no position to tell me how I should create my god damn rants. Rants aren't about being passive aggressive and catering, they're about the passionate expression of one's own personal views and opinions on a subject. If I was to talk about how awesome Omega is for doing what he did just because you told me to, that wouldn't be my own personal feelings on the matter, now would it? So, if you're so desperate to defend Omega with your life, why is trying to change my views more acceptable than me trying to change your views. It's pretty obvious that it's never going to happen on either side, so what the fuck's the point?

See, now who's being selfish? 

And last but most certainly not least...
"The point is, your only making the AdmiralTrainstorm issue worse"

Ss+(2015-03-10+at+09.21.51) by IncoheriantChipmunk

Excuse me?

The only one continuing to add any unwanted fuel to the fire is you!

None of this would have even been a thing had you not created/ re-uploaded those stupid pictures a month or two after Omega's original post. You could've stopped there, but you thought it'd be a genius idea to create an entire journal dedicated to banding together "victims" of Trainstorm. And as I've established in the last journal, they could've cared less about some dude creating some dumb fucking videos out of nothing short of boredom. But you just couldn't see that.

You saw a bunch of people "secretly seething with rage" against some simple animations mocking their very person, so you thought it was your duty to add onto Omega's faggotry reign of justice by bringing together some of the people whose talked shit about you just so you could maybe what? Have them all jump to both of your aids so you can get people off your back? You seem to have forgotten all of the stuff you've done to others over the last few months, so allow me to remind you and anyone who cares to read this far in.

You've harassed, pestered and argued with the owners of the TF2Freakshow wiki (namely Kugawattan and ShermanZAtank); you've made bland and uncaptivating Text-To-Speech videos where you use excuse after excuse (mainly Autism) to pardon your actions; you've followed Shadow into a game with your butt-buddy fusionguybrony so you could "apologize" and embarrassed him in front of people who didn't even know him; you've made journal after journal blaming the people you've affected for shit you yourself did, only to make an apology journal not so long afterwards because of the sudden backlash; you've white-knighted fags who are just as bad as you in terms of sensibility; and you've now created a journal against me because I called both you and Omega out on your retarded actions. Not surprisingly, people found your journal before I did. It would be nice to see what they thought...  

Ss+(2015-09-20+at+07.44.38) by IncoheriantChipmunk
If you didn't remove every fucking comment written but your own.

Every time you point the finger at someone you've done shit to, 3 more point back at you. Not because it's how fingers work (durr), but because you refuse to blame yourself even a little bit for the shit you did, so your body has to do it for you. That's one thing can't even begin to comprehend about you. You blame everyone and everything whenever shit goes south for you, but you can't even have a mature moment of reflection where you say "You know what, I'm the one who messed up here, not them. Maybe I should accept it and try to rectify it".

It's like if you were to randomly go up to some kid in school and just punched him square in the face; attracting a sea full of concerned students and rightfully-pissed friends of said kid. Instead of simply saying "Yeah, I punched him, I'm sorry", you start to get your panties in a bunch and blame different things that are pretty much irrelevant. You blame the kid for intimidating you because he didn't smile back at you, you blame the weather for making you act so aggressive, and you blame a teacher for giving you a bad grade and making you even more upset than you already were. You then wrap it all up saying "It's not my fault you're all upset with me" and walk off without shooting even a glance back at the kid you punched and the students you've baffled. And the worst part: You don't even apologize to him until you're cornered in the principal's office, where you have to apologize to the kid or face suspension or some shit. It might happen again in a few weeks, it might even happen tomorrow. Either way, if you don't choose to take responsibility, you're destined to repeat history once again.

But you know what? I doubt you'll be able to commit to that. Anytime we give you a reasonable response on some of the idiotic shit you say, you just keep adding onto it more and more with an increase of insults. Not because you want to be right, but because you want to have the final word in the argument and just appear to be right. You must live a sad life when you're desperate enough to have the last word on whatever argument you're losing so you can seem smarter. 

Honestly Toxic, you've been on a steady descent of likability and maturity for quite a while now. This didn't begin with the most recent "drama" or whatever you wish to call it; it's been going on for months. This issue in particular has only sped up your decline in admiration and reputation because of your unneeded involvement.

The funniest part: You're the only one to blame for your fall during this whole skirmish. Your reputation has pretty much been destroyed at this point.

But not by me
Not by Shadow
Not by Dilly
By you.

So, how about you do us all one big honking favor:

6368c273f7b62dd222225f4360ea4394df0d58a7f9fedfa3db by IncoheriantChipmunk

(Well, since we're finally past that gay shit, let's move onto our old pal Omega)

My fellow fags, what can be said about Omega that hasn't been said before? He's an egotist, an autist, a creep, and an overall fucking retard. People who disagree with him are either antagonized (more ways that one), flagged and reported by himself and his legion of fantards, or receive some form of immature response; whether it be a note/ journal, picture, or god forbid a video. 

But in wake of this whole issue, Omega has not only done all 3 aforementioned things, but has given us more genuine proof of how sad of a person he really is. Some of it is pretty moderate whilst everything else is... well, you'll see.

So after the last journal I posted, evidence of Omega's faggotry was shelled out like they were mortars. Not only that, but TheCrazyDane created a trio of journals revealing more of Omega's retarded antics. I suggest you give them a read; they're pretty kewl, khe?
This one goes out to you, kid.Yo, :iconOmegaMario89:
Remember me, Logan?
I hear you've been spreading bullshit again, of course that's not unlike you, you little mysogonistic rape apologist of a manchild.
However, when you do tell all your ass kissers and enemies about me, remember to tell them exactly what you did to deserve what you got.
Oh and don't lie to them like you did here.

I never backed down, little man. I was blocked by you very early on when I called you out for being incredibly creepy, that didn't stop you though.
You had already made multiple journals calling me and everyone involved with the incident mean trolls.
What I clearly remember though was you blocking people, then giving a last response, like the responsible adult that you are...
Which was an insult, because that's mature.
I met you on a picture called "The rapists"
It was a picture of a femscout with huge tits getting chased, and it was also really badly made, so you and that went hand in hand, didn't i
Really, OmegaMario? Didn't think you were that lowHave a little read up on this if you haven't.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I was kidding, but sources of sources told me that about a month ago something interesting happened.
Apparently tried to hire a couple of people to hack my DA, Youtube and Steam for 30$
I knew you were low Logan. Lying to people, making videos where you make-pretend to kill people, blocking people then acting tough, you have weird rape fantasies and bathing suit fantasies and you for some reason keep trying to cling onto this youtube "fame" of yours as if it's supposed to protect you.
 But you actually surprised me for once.
You've done it. You've become the most despicable person I've ever met on this website, and that's an achievement.
One thing that does confuse me though. You asked a month ago? By then I hadn't spoken to you for about a year or half a year. Why there?
Do you really hold grudges that long? You should get out, man. Your image is never gonna get
2 wrongs don't make a right. (OmegaVonklerks)What happens when two idiots form bands to try and take down someone who's beaten both of them multiple times?
They still get beaten.
The two idiots in question are.
Which you might know from these:

+All the other journals and pictures about this guy that he got his subscribers to report and get removed.

Who you might know from:

They're both people who repeatedly try to bring me down, in each their way of course.
Problem for them is that one of them don't play fair.
And the other one makes no sense whatsoever.
If you want backstory on these two silly-willies, you should go read some of the older journals, as this journal is gonna be about new developments.
So, Vonklerks added me long time ago, again. (And again, and again and again and again)
He's been constantly writing messages to

Original (13) by IncoheriantChipmunk

But the one thing that truly stuck out to me was something my friend ArbyLegion brought up to my attention; something that truly shows how much of a thunder-cunt Omega is.

So after messaging me on Steam about my journal, Robotic Arbiter brought me into a call with one of his friends where he revealed some more things about Omega; somethings like his constant urge to dwell on the pat and how he got kicked out of Arby's group because of his obsession with anime chicks in swim-suits. But there was one thing in particular Arbiter mentioned that could very well destroy any kind of decent reputation Omega has left.

Arbiter told me that Omega had tried to pay him and some of his friends $30 to hack Dane's computer a month ago.

Now, we're not just talking about his DeviantART account. We're talking every single account Dane has ever created, along with his own fucking computer being wrecked to shit. Omega wanted any trace of Dane's existance destroyed. But the odd thing is, Omega didn't just do this now. He did it over a month ago!

Call me crazy, but this might explain why he mentioned him in the note he sent me a week ago.

Now of course, I had to tell Dilly about this since he was showing me more screencaps of what was happening on DA. Next day, I'm shown this:
And I'm the coward :D by TheCrazyDane
Can you believe this faggot?

Later on in the day, Arbiter shows me this:

Arbïter: ?
OmegaMario89: The hate pic.
OmegaMario89: I just found it this morning.
Arbïter: Everyone in my group has access to that profile so I have no control
OmegaMario89: Well it's gonna have to be removed by reporting it.
Arbïter: I have no control
OmegaMario89: I know that.
OmegaMario89: I'm saying that I reported it for removal.
Arbïter: Can't and they all saying that I shouldn't be associate with you anymore due to the things you been doing.
OmegaMario89: That's bullshit.
OmegaMario89: All I did was make a revenge video against AdmiralTrainstorm, but a certain idiot had to push it too far for this.
OmegaMario89: I bet it was steel who did that crap.
Arbïter: Even thought I knew you were trying to ask my Legion to do a dirty work against Dane
OmegaMario89: I didn't ask shit to them.
Arbïter: Yes they did and I saw the Journal eariler
OmegaMario89: About what Dane thought I was hacking him?
Arbïter: They told me that you were trying to offer them $30 to hack Dane
OmegaMario89: That's a fucking lie.
Arbïter: It was a month ago, trying to remember.
Arbïter: This is really low Omega. YOU don't fucking ask my group to do its dirty work on someone for $30. You have no fucking power to tell them what to do or you only did because you thought you're a famous gmodder so that they can live you a red carpet?
Arbïter: Get the fuck out of here man.
OmegaMario89: TheCrazyDane is fucking full of shit.
Arbïter: You're full of shit because some members know you told them to go after dane.
OmegaMario89: No, I'm not, asshole.
OmegaMario89: calling me full of shit? It's your legion that is full of shit, and it's TheCrazyCrybaby who's full of shit. He's not that famous either. and If you're gonna be that way, the I don't think we need to be friends anymore.
Arbïter: Let's not ever meet again.
OmegaMario89: FIne by me, dickface.
Arbïter: k
OmegaMario89 is now Offline.

This was in regards to a pic my other friend PapaSteel made: OmegaFagrio89JapansePedophiliaManChildofAutism
(Which was based on this picture made by SlowPoke845Ever heard of behind closed doors? )

And then, I find out that this fagola called vonklerks is bothering Dane and his girlfriend Menaria for "evidence" or forgiveness or some shit.

Let me explain something to you Mr. Klerks

Arbiter can't go back and find the evidence even if he wanted to. Not because he's ignorant and cowardly, but because he constantly moves between groups and shit, so stuff that's over a month old is probably lost in no time at all. Don't blame him, blame Skype. Same time, Robotic is never the kind of person that would lie to anyone for any reason. He's honest with everything he does and why he does it. He is definitely more trustworthy than a guy who fantasizes about raping big breasted anime chicks all day and night. I mean hell, Omega lies about everything he does ; even when presented with evidence to support claims against him. It's either that, or he'll change the subject to how Dane and everyone else has ruined his life. So frankly, I see no reason what so-ever to trust this faggot. 

Also, pestering someone who doesn't want anything to do with you isn't going to make them like you any faster. I know, hard to believe.

So I'm sorry to say this, but you're better off taking the word of someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and respected instead of someone who is cowardly, narcissistic, and retarded. But all of that is besides the point.

Let's talk about how Omega actually tried to pay people to hack Dane's account for the dumbest reason ever!

I mean, there's no beating around the bush about this. You legit tried to cheaply pay Arbiter's group to hack Dane because he made a few journals about you. Omega... do you wanna know why those journals were made? Because the more stupid shit you do, the more people begin to notice. You've made nothing but bad choice after bad choice over the last year; I'm surprised there aren't anymore journals on you besides a select few of us. The one journal I remember most fondly was the one on you fantasizing about fucking some chick with big tits on a picture about rape. You honestly think that's even the slightest bit called for? Ah yes, let's fantasize about some girl's breasts on a picture centered around one of the worst things anyone could ever experience in their lifetime. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

1907530 915907161803799 5785557642542053394 N by IncoheriantChipmunk

And I also love how you try to use your subscribers and popularity as a scapegoat for why you don't care to listen to anything anyone has to say about you or your work. You think that just because you have a number higher than 100 for your sub-count, you're automatically this almighty celebrity that will be swarmed with a screaming sea of fans every time you step out of your room. I don't know what kind of world you live in, but where we live, you're more likely to catch AiDS than to have that happen.

It shouldn't be this ongoing competition to see whose likes and subs you can surpass next. But that seems to be nothing short of a daily goal for you. You want to gain more popularity than the rest of us so you can say "Hah! See? I'm better than you. I don't have to listen to anything you say!". Now, I know this might be a shock to you Omega, but having more subscribers and views than the next guy doesn't make you smarter than him. You've already proven that. It's what you learn outside of the internet; what kind of humor you can manage; how much you matured over a certain amount of time. Those 3 things and many more make you a better person, not a Splatoon fart-fetish video with over 500k hits. If you honestly believe that, you should have met your fate with a staircase when you were still a under-developed fetus.

Speaking of fetuses, the one thing that just grinds my gears about you the most is something I end up experiencing with most of the autistic cunts I come across. What annoys me is how you're not some spoiled kid in his mid-teens doing this shit, nor are you some child experimenting with dad's laptop. 


You're 10 years older than me, and yet you block people who call you out, respond to trolls and haters and turn them into villians for your series, express personal interests and fetishes at the most innapropriate times, and throw a hissy-fit whenever someone pokes fun at you and your content. Yeah, sure, we all do stupid shit; I can vouch for myself on that regard, but at least we try to improve ourselves. You on the other hand have not improved in the slightest. Everything I just mentioned above is still the same, especially how you like to hold more grudges than needed. By god, you constantly stress about Dane like he's the evil red-headed stepchild, when he does littler to nothing to you. Hell, if you didn't keep blaming him and everyone else around you for your problems; along with thinking a little more before you do shit, maybe we wouldn't give you as much shit as we do. But because of your constant lust for a bigger ego, you dish out insults and threats that would make a 4th-grader blush. But sometimes, you go the extra mile, and you command your delusional fanbase to do your dirty work for you. That's why people who offended you get suspended; because you can't seem to take criticism or jokes for what they are: Jokes. 

How dare you take advantage of your fans like that. You lie right to their faces, and over-exaggerate a simple journal by making it out to be some kind of cyber attack. If this is how you treat your fans; as pawns in your little game, you shouldn't have any fans at all! I honestly feel so sorry for anyone who subscribes to you that doesn't know about the events that took place on here! They deserve better than you.

To think that a simple collab entry where all your character said was "Hitler", "Make way for Jewish", and "Oh, Heil Hitler btw" drove you to make a shitty response video against said entry; giving the person who made it just what they needed. I mean, it sounds so simple really, yet you turned it into a full scale attack on your very fucking character. And you wonder why people can't take you seriously anymore...

How about you start acting your age and grow a fucking pair you twinkle-toed fuck. You're past High School and (I assume) College years. You should be on your own, making your own money, and living in your own place. But instead, you use your disorder as an excuse behind not wanting to experience the real world and hide all day in your semen-scented room with your animu and cheetos-stained gaming consoles. You bitch about jokes on the internet and pick fights with people who are clearly smarter than you; only flagging them when you become a sore loser who can;t handle the truth. People who don't know about you and misguided autists are your only sources of companionship and ego-stroking goodness, and fantasizing about girls with big busts being raped is the only way you can truly get off whenever you Mario x MLP x Splatoon pornogrphy isn't loading. 

But in the end Omega, you still think you're the bigger man here; that everyone else is dumber and slower than you and that you know everything and everyone better than they think you do.

Yeah Omega...

Ss  2015 03 10 At 09 14 13  By Thecrazydane-d8le2u by IncoheriantChipmunk

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Not For Fans Of Sanity By Cardboarderaser-d93zk1h by IncoheriantChipmunk
You're definitely the bigger man...

The bigger, fatter, whinier, and dumber manchild we never wanted to cross paths with.

If this is truly how you act Omega, maybe you shouldn't be on the internet at all. You clearly can't handle it.

So how about you do something right for once in your life, and just Fuck. Right. Off.

tumblr m3rtyerfHZ1qir45xo1 500 by IncoheriantChipmunk

I'm the sleep deprived Incoheriant Chipmunk, and I approve this ramble-stricken rant~

So, I hope you all enjoyed this poorly executed rant of mine; it took me many days to make due to school and countless distractions. Hopefully, this will change how you see this faggots from now on.

So on that not, I'm once again off to bed to dream about the non-existant end of the world.

Peace fagolas. I leave you with a gaze into the abyss as requested by Nylten
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happy birthday and i thing thank you so mutch
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 9:25 PM
Happy Birthday!! :D
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 8:35 AM

Should I make more rants in the future alongside my art n' shit, or nah? 

22 deviants said Yeah, sure, fine, what the hell.
7 deviants said Ew god no.
5 deviants said Make art you lazy fuck!
2 deviants said Who are you again?
1 deviant said It's a meme you dip.


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On the last video: Not bad. Sure RainbineDashie's gone, but I don't blame you for that.
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How does it feel when you piss RainbineDashie off?
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It feels warm, like a tender embrace from a black man; painful yet comforting.
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How am I responsible for preventing her from coming back? Heck, how did I even start a drama? 

All I did was say that she was dating a guy who is an adult whilst she's a minor. I could have said many other things about her; things that are worse than some public school graduate dating some high school graduate who resides across the Atlantic, but that was the first one that came to mind. And yet, you make it sound like that whole video was about her and her only. 

As far as I can tell, there has been no negative backlash on either Rainbine's or Muffin's profiles involving the issue; nor is there any reason to. I mentioned many other faggots in that shpiel of mine such as THG, Omega, Kaveren, and a few others; all of which have done stupid shit as well, and yet I don't see anything I haven't seen before on these users' profiles (excluding Kaveren for obvious reasons). So yeah, nothing has happened, nor will it ever unless something else comes up.

Seriously guys, get down off your high horses and grow a pair. Not everything is about Rainbine; whether she's briefly mentioned or not. God, it's like you didn't even see or listen to the full video. I used her and several others as examples of users with a disabled following in contrast to the weeb we were talking about. I could list many others, but I have no time to.
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some good shit on gonzos video and best part was on the 20:00 mark
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